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Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Installation

At Jake's Heating & Cooling, we specialize in providing thorough HVAC services for new systems and installations. When you replace an older inefficient model, you can expect to increase your HVAC efficiency by up to 25%, reduce energy consumption by 25-40%, and save on your monthly utility bills. For many of our customers, the reduced monthly expenses may cover most of the cost for a new installation. Let Jake's Heating & Cooling evaluate your current system and provide you with the most economical way to keep your home comfortable.

Commercial HVAC Services

At Jake's Heating & Cooling, our commercial department provides a full range of services. In the developmental phase of your next facility, we can help you design the most efficient and cost-effective system for your needs. From maintenance and repairs, to new installations, let one of our trained technicians preserve your HVAC equipment for a productive work environment.

In addition to this, our HVAC professionals at Jake's Heating & Cooling are Carrier Energy Experts in the 360 Whole Home Energy Audit program, which is a 6-step process to determine the most energy efficient solutions for a home.

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